Are you even ready for coaching?

Are you even ready for coaching?

10 ways to know if the time is right

This short, sharp piece is here to help you decide if you’re ready to speak to a business coach. I know business owners are strapped for time, energy, and even cashflow at times – so you want to be sure that you’re positioning yourself to get the most out of the experience.

With that in mind, here’s 10 ways you can know you’re ready for a business coach:

Still on the fence? Know when it’s time to take the plunge for your business.

10 ways to know if business coaching is right for you

1. You’re looking to get your business future fit.

You’ve found a need and a groove, but you’re thinking ahead to the future. How can you make the most of the changing community services environment? How could you be positioning your business for success in the next 12 months, 24 months, or five years? Over my years in community services I’ve seen dramatic change in how we do almost everything – communication, technology, pathways to sales. A business coach can help you rediscover your innovation, uncover your plans for the future, and guide you to develop your own strategies for remaining relevant in the industry.

2. Feeling stuck with almost every decision you have to make?

We’ve all been there, indecisive, struggling to take action, worried about making the wrong decision. But sometimes this can go on for too long and start to paralyse your business. Don’t wait for your team to suffer the effects of your indecision – now might be the time to act, talk through your stuck place, and start kicking goals again.

3. You’re struggling with overwhelm.

I remember being completely overwhelmed with my business. Overwhelmed with cashflow issues, lack of systems, not knowing how to take the steps I needed to to empower my team and move myself out of the everyday running of things. Everywhere I looked, I was overwhelmed. It could even be things like excitement or ideas that are brewing on the backburner – this all adds to emotional overwhelm. Coaching can help you gain clarity to manage the overwhelm, make moves to get your systems working, and reclaim your vision.

4. You’re finding it hard to really connect with your potential clients.

In community services, you need clients! And if you’re finding it hard to understand how to position your business and connect with potential clients, you will begin to experience serious challenges down the line. Coaching could help you articulate who you’re trying to connect with, and how to position yourself with strength to meet their needs.

5. You have lots of ideas but struggle with the practical planning of GSD (Getting Sh*t Done)

You see a lot that has to be done in your business, but not sure how to prioritise. Maybe things aren’t going where you envisioned – you’re excited about your ideas, but you’ve got limited practical know-how to make them happen. A business coach will ask you strategic questions to help work out where the blockages are in your business, so you can take strong steps forward into your vision.

 6. You get really knocked when the unexpected comes your way

If there’s anything we learned from 2020, it’s to expect the unexpected! Still, many of us get knocked when the unexpected comes our way. A business coach could help you build resilience – both personally and into your business, so you can weather the storms of the industry and know that you can come out strong on the other side. Whether it’s systems and structures, or things way out of your control, like the economy, supplier availability, or the like. A business coach can help you gain an awareness of your mindset and prepare for when things don’t go your way.

7. You’re struggling with some deeper fears that you know are holding you back in business.

Maybe it’s fear of failure. Perhaps it’s fear of what others might think. Whatever your flavour, many of us are carrying around deeper fears that, if we don’t address them, can become negative drivers of fear-based performance and stress running throughout our business and personal life. If you find yourself constantly making excuses, perhaps it’s time to look at why. What’s the real excuse that’s holding you back?

8. You’re having trouble implementing systems and processes so you can scale up

You might have started strong, but to keep sustainable for the long game, you need to take the step of scaling up. If you’re looking for an experienced sounding board as you developing and implementing the systems to support, coaching could be exactly what you need.

 9. Not sure how to manage your time?

This one sounds simple, but it’s a skill that we may need help to hone in on. If you’re finding that as your business grows you’re not sure how to plan and spend your days to maintain growth, it could be time to touch base with a business coach.

10. Or you’re simply struggling to believe you’re really good enough.

At the end of the day, a lot of us are simply struggling to believe we’re good enough. I’ve spent an entire life listening to what other people think about me and how I wasn’t good enough for one reason or another. But these days, I get a second opinion – mine!

It takes a lot of hard work to push past the opinions of others, but changing your mindset in business is so worth the effort. Sometimes you need someone to come alongside you for a season and remind you of that, while you do the hard yakka of rewiring those old belief systems. If you’re struggling to believe that you’re good enough, you don’t even need a coach for this one: JUST KNOW THIS, YOU ARE.

Is this you?

Did any of these resonate with you? Then you could benefit from a free 45-minute Discovery Session. It’s an opportunity for us to connect and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. We will talk about your business and ideas, any blocks to success that you might have, and where you want to see your business in the future. If you’re still sitting on the fence about coaching, this is a great way to see what a coach can do for you.

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